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1. UGG POMPOM SLIPPERS: I never thought I would be a slipper person, but these UGG slipers have my heart this Christmas! I am getting this pair for Christmas, but this pair with the pompoms are soooo cute as well! If you are between sizes I would go up becuase they are a little snug!

2. EVIL EYE NECKLACE: I am obsessed with the evil eye design because I just think it looks so cool! But this necklace is even cooler becaue it’s reversible and the other side says “protect’! They also come in other designs and I love them all!

3. PINK VELVET CROSSBODY: If you saw my cyber week sale post then you would know I posted about this bag, but I am posting it again here because I just love it so much! It also comes in a gorgeous navy color!

4. CRYSTAL BEANIE: Okay, I am obsessed with this beanie! It is so so cute and super festive with the bright red!

5. TOM FORD LIPSTICK: I have heard wonderful things about this lipstick and it makes for such a luxe gift for anyone in your life! It also comes in tons of differnt colors so you can find the perfect shade for anyone in your life!

6. TASSEL EARRINGS: I ordered these for myself during Black Friday, and these are the cutest tassel earrings ever! It also comes in the cutest box so you can just gift it as is, or you can split it up and gift each pair separately!

7. MAKEUP BAG: I found this make up bag online and I thought it was so so cute! You could get this and fill it with some of your fav makeup products, or you could stuff it with pens! I love to use makeup bags as a pencil case because they are always cuter!

8. CHRISTMAS CANDLE: I have heard GREAT things about this candle brand, and I am ordering one of these ASAP! This one is supposed to smell just like a Christmas shade, which is #goals!

9. SOLUDOS SHOES: I know tons of girls who love these shoes and  they are so so cute! They come in tons of diferent designs and colors, but I thought this one with the champagne bottle was so festive!

10. DRY BAR SET: I got a dry bar set last Christmas and I loved it! Everything the dry bar makes smells so good, and everyone needs a travel set of dry shampoo and conditioner!

11. CUTEST COASTERS: I have been a fan of this artist for years now, and I just saw these coasters when I was browsing her shop and I knew I had to include them in this gift guide! These would be a great hostess gift as well!

12. SEQUIN SOCKS: Okay, these are not a necessity but they are so festive and fun! I just love the sequins at the top and they are super cute!

13. BEST PULLOVER EVER: I got one of these my freshman year of college, and I still wear it now! These are my fav pullovers ever because they are so soft but also keep you so warm! These are great for anyone in high school or college because they can wear them during class and be all snuggly!

14. MARBLE TUMBLER: This is the cutest tumbler I have EVER seen! It comes in tons of colors colors, but this marble one is my fav!

15. ROSE GOLD IPHONE CHARGERS: Seriously, every girl needs another set of phone chargers. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love to get some more chargers, you can also get a portable charger to go with them!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

XOXO, Megan



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