Morphe and Sigma Makeup Brushes Favorites

Just like in school you have to have pens and pencils, well the same is true for makeup you have to have proper brushes! I have rounded up some of my favorite affordable makeup brushes. You don’t need to spend a fortune on brushes, especially now since so many companies are coming out with more affordable brushes. Morphe and Sigma make amazing brushes for a really affordable price, the brushes are all so soft and they don’t leave hairs all over your face.  You will notice that I use some of these brushes for lots of different things, brushes are all based on personal preference so be creative and pick the ones that you see working for you!

morphe and sigma makeup brushes

Foundation and Concealer 

My favorite way to apply foundation and concealer is to use a beauty blender. They help to give you a flawless finish without using a lot of product, it also works really well for setting translucent powder.  I love the real techniques beauty blender compared to others because it has a flat side, which is great for applying concealer under the eye.  If you haven’t ever used a beauty sponge before don’t forget to wet it first, run it under the water and squeeze out all the excess water.  This helps to make the sponge bigger and it will pick up any excess product on your face so you don’t get cake face!

Real Techniques Sponge

RT blender

Under Eye and Powder

Okay, this is one of my all time favorite brushes that I own because it is so versatile, not to mention how soft it is.  I use the Morphe E48 for so many different things, but it works best for applying translucent powder, banana powder, or an all over face powder.  Because it’s tapered it works wonderfully for setting your foundation and concealer.  This brush sells out a lot but Morphe is really good about restocking their items quickly, so be sure to check back everyday because you don’t want to miss out on this brush!

Tip: The “E” stands for Elite, which is  Morphe’s higher end brushes, so that means they are a little more expensive but the brushes are made from better materials.  I would say my favorite brushes are from the Elite collection just because they are so soft and they don’t lose their shape.

Morphe E48

morphe e48

Under eye

Bronzer and Contour 

Bronzer and contour brushes are more of a personal preference in my opinion, I don’t like to have a super sharp contour so I opt for using duo-fiber brushes.  I also am not the best at applying bronzer or contour so these brushes make it easier.  Duo-fiber brushes are really good for blending out products, don’t ask me why because I don’t know exactly! I like to start off by using the Real Techniques contour brush and then blending it out with the Sigma F50.  I also like using the Sigma F50 for blending out my blush or highlight if I used too much, it really helps to blend everything out smoothly because of the long duo-fiber hairs.

Sigma F50R.T. Contour Brush

Bronzer and Contour brushes


Ahhh, my all time favorite blush brush! I wish I could take credit for discovering this brush, but I can’t.  I have to give credit to Jaclyn Hill on Youtube for finding this gem.  This has got to be the best brush ever for applying blush, and it’s not even a blush brush! The Morphe E4 is technically an angled contour brush, but I honestly think it works better for blush.  I used to not think blush was very important because I could never tell a difference when I would apply it, but once I got this brush it changed the game! I am now a blush-aholic because this brush magically applies the blush seamlessly with amazing color.

Morphe E4

Morphe E4 Blush brush

Eyeshadow Brushes

Okay, eyeshadow brushes can be tricky depending on what kind of look your looking for.  Trust me I have so many different eyeshadow brushes it’s insane, but I have narrowed it down to my most used ones just for you! Let’s break it down by brand and type just to be easier, my OCD self loves this!

Sigma Eyeshadow Brushes 

Sigma E55: This brush is really good if you have smaller eyelids or you don’t want to apply shadow to your entire eye.  I sometimes like to use this for highlighting under the brows, or if I am going to use a darker eyeshadow all over my lid.

Sigma E60: This is my most used eyeshadow brush because I can use it with everything.  If you love using glitter eyeshadow, I mean who doesn’t, this brush is perfect.  The Sigma E60 reminds me of a concealer brush because of its shape and hairs, but it works really well at picking up shimmer shadows and applying them evenly.  If I am in a hurry I use this to apply my eyeshadow, crease color, and highlight.  So if you only want to get one brush out of these I would recommend this one!

Sigma E40: This brush is really good for blending out your crease or for applying a transition color.  I used to like to use this brush for applying highlight on my nose and cupids bow, but we will talk about that later!

Morphe Eyeshadow Brushes 

Morphe M433: This brush is shorter than the sigma E40 and it has more of rounded shape which works better for me.  I like to use this when I am using a darker crease color that doesn’t want to blend very well.

Morphe M330: This is my favorite crease/blending brush because it is longer and it’s tapered which works better for my eyes.  I have smaller eyelids so this makes it much easier for me to apply a crease color.  I would recommend this out out of all of the other blending brushes.

Morphe E18: For some reason this brush is not listed on their website anymore, but if they put it back I will be sure to link it.  This brush is good for applying a highlight color on the inner corner of the eye, brow bone, or cupids bow because it is so small (they call it the bullet crease brush).  Morphe has some similar options on their website if you want to check it out!

Morphe M441: Again, another blending brush! Blending is so important for eyeshadow because no one wants to see harsh lines! This brush works well if you are doing a more natural look and you’re not using a super dark color, the hairs are longer so you can blend easier and it gives a softer look.

eye brushes


My favorite part about makeup!!!! Highlighters have recently become HUGE in the beauty industry, because I mean who doesn’t want to look like they took a bath in glitter?! My all time favorite highlighter brush is the Morphe M501 because it is longer and you can apply your highlighter in just one sweep.  This is my top highlighter brush because you can use it to highlight your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, forehead, chin, brows, so literally your entire face!  I have another option in case you like a bigger, stronger highlight, the Morphe M438.  I used to use this brush to set powder under my eyes, but I also think it works well for highlighting your cheekbones!

Morphe M501Morphe M438

morphe highlighter

My Top 7 Makeup Brushes

If I was stranded on an island and I could only take 7 beauty tools these would be my picks, logical right?! Again, makeup brushes are all based on personal choice, you have to test out several to see what you like and what you dislike.  Some of these may work for you and some of them might not, which is totally okay! You don’t have to follow the rules in makeup, so you don’t have to follow the rules when it comes to brushes.  If someone says a certain brush is only supposed to be used for eyeshadow that doesn’t mean it won’t work for something else!

So, If you are a newbie or if you are looking for some affordable makeup brushes I would recommend checking these out! These are honestly my go-to, most used, everyday makeup brushes.  These brushes won’t break your piggy bank and you can almost always find a coupon code for them online!  Tip: Buy the beauty blenders in a pack of two on amazon, they are much cheaper than buying them at Walgreens or Ulta!

my top 7


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