My Honest Review of + Retro Dress 

My Honest Review of + Retro Dress My Honest Review of + Retro Dress My Honest Review of + Retro Dress My Honest Review of + Retro Dress

Dress: SheIn , Bag: Rebecca Minkoff , Shoes: Marc Fisher

*** Grab a snack or cup of coffee because this is a long post! ***

One of the most difficult things about being a “blogger” is always having to post a new outfit, because God forbid you wear something more than once! 😉 If you’re a blogger or influencer then you know how annoying it can be to always post new content, and not to mention how expensive it is! I am always searching for a good deal and I try to always use a coupon code or student discount when I buy anything.  I am also not a stranger to purchasing a few dupes, I mean as much as I would love to own the real thing my college budget doesn’t always allow me to do that. And have y’all noticed that women’s clothes are getting to be more expensive but the quality isn’t getting better?! Fast fashion is really changing the industry and these high end places can’t compete with these low prices.  Now, this is not to say that I don’t ever buy some high end pieces, I for sure do but I have definitely changed the way I shop. This is where comes into play.

Okay, so you might be thinking “here goes another blogger getting paid to talk about this stupid website…” WRONG! 1. I’m not getting paid to write this review. 2. The dress that I am featuring in this post I paid for myself. (I have been sent a few things by them and I always let y’all know when I do!) I am giving you my honest opinion on this website and you should take it with a grain of salt.

I first ordered from shein last summer before going on a trip and ordered 3 things and was only happy with one.  So, we did not have that great of a relationship in the beginning. Fast forward to a few months ago, I decided to place another order and was about 80% happy with it.  Then I started to see tons of bloggers wearing their things and I fell into the hole again and placed another order, this time I was about 85% happy with it. Then I was contacted by the SheIn team to pick and item and in return do a blog post.  Okay, so that was all great and I liked the piece enough to want to place my own order.

Now let’s rewind to two months ago, I placed two pretty big orders and was 98% happy with everything I got!

Shein Quality:

I do not understand why people think ordering from this site will result in them getting designer quality.  I’d say the quality is that of Forever21, but some items are nicer just depending on what you get.  Some of the stuff I’ve gotten from them was complete crap, but other stuff I was pleasantly surprised with how nice it was.  Don’t get your hopes up and think you’re going to get a $500 dress and only pay $15 because that’s just not possible. This leads me to my first tip.

TIP 1: Always read the reviews and look at the images that customers post wearing the items.

 The customer reviews are your best friend on this site, especially when they post a pic of the item.

Shein Sizing:

I have learned from trial and error to just always order the smallest size. Now, this is not always true, some items I have to order a size up in after I read the reviews.  Also, SheIn posts the exact measurements for each size for each item. So look at those numbers and compare them to what you normally wear.

TIP 2: Look at the measurements for each item.

 SheIn Shipping & Returns:

Okay so shipping from them can either be a nightmare or amazing.  First, you pretty much always get free shipping, but it’s not always the fastest shipping. If you want to wait a month for your items to arrive then don’t purchase the expedited shipping. Just make your life easier and either fill your cart up with enough stuff to get free expedited shipping or just pay the $10 for the quickest shipping.  It is 100% worth it in my opinion.

Now the shipping says 3-5 days, but they kinda trick you because that doesn’t include their “processing time” which can be up to 7 days! You will also see that some items say “priority dispatch” this means that they will try and get them shipped out in 3 days compared to 7, but this isn’t always 100% accurate.  So, just to be completely honest, their shipping isn’t the greatest, but I still say pay the extra for shipping.

TIP 3: Always pay for the expedited shipping, ALWAYS!

 Now for returns, oh boy.  Last summer when I placed an order I wanted to return just 2 things and brought it to UPS where I was told it was cost $200 just to ship it back. YUP $200 shipping to return $20 worth of stuff. I obviously did not do that, instead I just donated the shirts to Goodwill, but I did learn my lesson. Shein offers shipping insurance for like $2 which basically just allows you the option of returning anything you don’t like for “free”.  This is such a great deal and even if you don’t end up sending anything back you’re only out $2. And you can return the item for any reason, like if a button fell off or if something came defective.

TIP 4: Get the shipping insurance to get “free” returns.

 Other Tips

Shein is great at always posting new things on the daily! They post new arrivals everyday except on Sunday’s.  I will admit, some of their stuff is questionable and I wonder who wears some of it, but they do have cute stuff! Just browse the website and I am positive you’ll find things you like! I am constantly on their site looking at all the new arrivals and building up my cart. If you build up your cart over a period of a few days or weeks you have probably added enough stuff to get the free expedited shipping.  Also, I think it’s best to place a bulk order from them, that way you don’t have to keep paying for shipping and you have lots of options to try on when the order comes in!

TIP 5: Check their website daily and build up your cart.

I had one follower ask me about washing the clothes.  To be completely honest I don’t wash my stuff from them because I am afraid it will shrink. I also don’t buy things from them that you can just throw in the washer and dryer.  I tend to buy dresses or tops that need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. But let’s just be honest, lots of the things I purchase from them are things I am only going to wear a few times.  Now, if there is something that I really like and I wash it or something happens to it I’m not going to be too upset because I can replace it easily and my wallet won’t be hurting too much.

TIP 6: Hand wash the stuff or dry clean it.

 Okay so you’ve built up your shopping cart and you have a substantial amount of things you want to order. WAIT! They are always running a promo code to save you even more money! They normally have these posted on their homepage so just be sure to always check!

TIP 7: Utilize their promo codes!

 Here are the promo codes they have active now:

If your order is $55+ use code HI5 ($5 off)

If your order is $105+ use code HI15 ($15 off)

If your order is $200+ use code HI40 ($40 off!)

SheIn also has a reward system where you can gain points for ordering things, writing reviews, confirming your shipment was delivered and a few other things. You can then use those points on your order to get even more money off!! I would definitely recommend y’all do this too because who doesn’t want to save even more money?!

Tip 8: Join their reward program to save money.

 Whew, okay, I think that covers a majority of the info on shein! I hope y’all found this helpful and you learned something! I really do love this site and I love getting trendy things for a super low price. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will always answer them!

XOXO, Megan

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  • Great tips! I remember purchasing a Burberry Cape Dupe from them a few summers ago. I love the cape but it took a good month to get here. I haven’t bought anything from them in a while, but maybe I’ll check them out again!


  • Thank you SO much for this! I have been super apprehensive about placing an order because it feels too good to be true that I could find cute pieces for low prices. Totally appreciate your tips!

  • Hi, my names Chloe and I showed my mom the shein website and she thinks it’s a scam. I read some reviews on sitejabber and I don’t know what to think. I found some cute clothes that I relay want for back to school but I don’t want to spend my money on a site if its not reliable. Your review was very helpful, and i’m not trying to seem rude or anything but how can I trust what you say 100%? I was just wondering if the people reading this could tell me how their experience went and if this website is worth it. Thank you